Keele University Korfball Club


We train and play indoors for the majority of the season with the possibility of moving outdoors when the weather allows. The club is split into two teams, both of which compete in the local league (Staffordshire and Cheshire). The majority of matches are on Fridays and Sundays, with home games being played at Keele’s Leisure Centre. Currently, away games are played at either Kidsgrove Leisure Centre or South Cheshire College. During the summer, numerous clubs across the country hold outdoor tournaments. Keele attends 4 or 5 of these each summer, accompanied by a mixed ability team.

The first two sessions you attend are free, after which an annual membership fee applies. This is £25 for 2008/9 and includes hiring a hall for the training sessions and matches, any other membership fees (local league, national association, etc) and maintenance of club equipment. This fee does not include any transportation costs or member’s kit.

In addition to becoming a member of the club itself, those from Keele are required to sign up to the University’s Athletic Union. This is because membership of the AU includes insurance in case you or anyone else is injured whilst taking part in either training or matches. However, if you are joining us from Staffordshire University, you will instead go through your own Students’ Union.