Keele University Korfball Club


Upcoming socials

Below are the details for the next four socials, with more to follow. It would be greatly appreciated if people could let me know whether they plan to come to these socials, as several of them need to be booked in advance.

I have created an event on facebook for each of these socials, connected to the group 'Keele Korfball Club Socials 2008-9'. If you are not yet a member of this group, it'd be useful to do so, as all the information for each social will be posted there.

If you have any questions or comments about these or any other socials, please feel free to email me or speak to me through facebook. Most members should have my mobile phone number, but if you don't just ask one of the other committee members and they'll pass it on (I don't like to post it on the internet).

Friday 6th March - Cinema trip:
NOTE: The date of this social has changed.

As the name of the event suggests, we'll be seeing a movie (and getting something to eat), lol. Meeting up time will be decided by what time the movie starts. Opinions are more than welcome re: which movie to see. There's a lot of good stuff out atm.

I'll wait to see how many people plan to come before deciding whether to book a table in advance. If you want to come to the movie but not the meal, please let me know so I don't book too many seats.

Saturday 7th March - Gladstone Pottery Museum:
As Korfball's social sec, I will always welcome suggestions for socials from other club members and will try to accommodate them whenever possible. A recent comment was a request to go to the Gladstone Pottery Museum in Longton.

Entry costs £4.95 for concessions, and there is also the option of making some pottery on the day for an added fee. The website suggests allowing a couple of hours to get round the place, and there is also a 'Tea room' that serves food and drinks if we get the munchies.

The rough plan is for the on campus people to meet at the union bus stop at 10am, in order to meet up with those of us who are off campus at 10.30am at Newcastle bus station. We will then continue by bus to the museum. Since we'll be taking more than one bus, it'll probably work out cheapest to buy a FirstDay rather than several singles.

Please let me know if you do plan to come on this social, so that I can make sure we don't leave without you!

The bowling trip is currently dateless (poor thing, lol) but is provisionally planned for Wednesday 11th March. This is because a club member is busy on Sundays. If you have a problem with this new date, then please let me know.

The usual student price is £4 per game, or £6 for two games, but by booking in advance we will be able to get 3 games for £6. Charlie has very kindly agreed to pay for the booking on her card, and therefore you need to let either myself or her know by training session on Thursday 5th March so she has time to make the booking. You will then need to bring £6 in cash on the night to pay her back.

We can either bowl from 6pm to 8.30pm and then eat afterwards, or we can eat first and then bowl between 8.30 and 11pm. Please let me know which you prefer, and we'll book whatever the majority of you say, subject to the time still being available at the cheaper rate.

As usual, it's fine if you just want to come to the bowling and not the meal, just make sure you let me know so I don't count you for it. Also, if you have any preference as to where we eat, please let me know.

Saturday 14th March - KDS One Acts Festival:
This was another suggestion from one of our members. I don't have any details for the performance yet, so I can't tell you anything about it beyond the date.  Details will be added as and when I get them.

Union nights:
School disco - Wednesday 4th March
90's night - Wednesday 18th March
999 - Friday 27th March